Fossilized Quinte

Fossilized Quinte

This hands-on exhibit features local fossils from the Bay of Quinte region. Grab a flashlight, magnifying glass and explore!

See a close up of some of the local fossils we have on display:

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Favosites are an extinct coral characterized by polygonal-packed corallites, giving it the common name “honeycomb coral.”

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Gastropods are commonly known as snails and slugs, They live in saltwater, freshwater, and on land.

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Crinoids are marine animals that are attached to the sea bottom by a stalk in their adult form. They are commonly called “sea lilies.”

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Cephalopods can be squid, octopus, cuttlefish, or nautilus. These marine animals have symmetrical bodies, a prominent head, and a set of arms or tentacles.

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