<p>Discover <em>the</em> Story <em>of</em> Whales</p>

Discover the Story of Whales

Advancing education in natural sciences, fostering discovery, and inspiring environmental stewardship.

A visit to a natural history museum sets people on a lifelong course of wonder and excitement regarding the natural world around them. Our mission is to open that door and set imagination alight.

On NowDiving Deep: A Tale of Whales Through Time

Explore our awe-inspiring exhibit and learn about the evolutionary journey of whales.

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On NowFossilized Quinte

Grab a magnifying glass, and explore the local fossils found in the Bay of Quinte region.

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Lights, Camera, Action: Tyrannosaurs in Film

Discover the most famous dinosaur species through a new lens by tracing the fascinating history of T.rex in film.

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